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January Recap…

The start of a new year is always filled with a sense of hope and expectation and that’s probably why we often feel like its the longest month of the year as we have built up to this moment dreaming of our New Year New Start goals and when the first month hits its almost an anti-climax, as the reality is we are all a little over weight from indulging during the festivities, we can no longer drink from 10am for 10 days straight in the spirit of Christmas and as most of us get paid early in December its such a long wait for our next pay day to start putting these plans we’ve built up into action.

For me this year though, the first month of the year was super special as I turned Fabuluxe 40! My Husband and Besties put on an amazing party for me. I wasn’t allowed to be involved in the planning, only choosing the venue. I am a huge control freak so I can tell you it wasn’t easy, but they pulled it off beautifully, the butler in the buff certainly launched the theme of the night off perfectly and I finally got to wear my new beautiful red soled shoes!

However, turning 40 really makes you assess your goals. They say life begins at 40 but what do I want to achieve by the time I turn 45 or 50. Its always been my dream to have my own Commercial Interior Design Business after working in that role for 15 years for other companies and I am certainly ready to be in charge of my own destiny again having been self employed before.  But, I love my day job, I have the privilege to not only work from home and to have the flexibility to take my children to school as much as I can but I also get to travel to some beautiful places in the country.

So other than work, what should I focus on. Do I strive to spend more social time with my friends? Do I aim to really achieve that work life balance so that I am not shattered after the working day/cooking/bathing the kids repeating pattern? Am I being the best parent I can be, as navigating a teenage daughter is a hormonal minefield? But what I came to realise is I want to focus on my SELF…having spent 40 years trying to please people and always having to think through if I can or if I should take time to look after number one while worrying about how I portray myself to others I finally have the confidence to say, actually its OK to look after you. So the first year of my Forties is dedicated to making myself the most fabulous self loved person I can be, because if I am fulfilled and happy then I hope that my happiness will uplift those closest to me too.  Cheers to me!

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