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From building her own business as a Chief Empire Operator (C.E.O) through to supporting her clients to grow over 200 businesses to a combined value of £250m, by delivering successful projects and by using 20 different business strategies based on the three core pillars:

  • Customer Intimacy,
  • Operational Excellence and
  • Product Leadership.

Emma launched The Empire Project in 2020 to help early stage Empire-preneurs and C.E.O's (Chief Empire Operators) to have their clarity, focus, direction of travel and plan to deliver, set up for success.

Hi there, I'm Emma



I'm a total obsessive when it comes to supporting my business besties (that's you btw!!) to

I've helped hundred's of C.E.O's to set themselves up for success by using a 5 step process to set out their WHY? WHAT? HOW? WHEN? and WHO? so they stay focussed to deliver their roadmap.

be set up for

The secret to success is strategy but many empire-preneurs are unsure what will really move the needle in their business and know what to FOCUS on at the right time.

be roadmap ready

From building, buying, scaling and selling over 200 businesses over the last 25 years, i've picked up a thing or two along the way.  It's my mission to help empire-preneurs become savvy and extremely successful strategists in their business.


I've developed everything I know into a proven system and by sharing my knowledge of business strategy and project methodologies, you too, will have the expertise, tools and templates you need to steer your own ship and unlock the secret to success.

think like a c.e.o

Most importantly, I am a very proud mum (and honoury life co-pilot) to four amazing children and wife to be ... eeek!! of the most amazing man i've ever met.... (I know, I am extremely lucky to have found my soul mate).   I love to travel, eat delicious food and wonder in once in a lifetime experiences.  

On my vision board is a house in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland .... (ok, so that's houses!! plural!!), but hey, why limit your vision to just one goal.  

My focus since 2020 has been on developing a system and toolkit that allows me to live my personal and business life on my own terms.  No more being a 'yes girl' trapped in the corporate world. 

This is my thank you to the universe for all the experiences, lessons, learnings and success i've had before and to share those golden nuggets, sparkling gems and insights into what it really takes to turn your vision into victory.

"You can't go back to the beginning.... but you can start where you are now and change the ending."
This is your time to shine.  There's no stopping us now.

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