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Lockdown has helped to change the way we work. With a huge shift change from travelling to meetings to online Zoom or Teams board calls. The environment that we work in, when we work from home has never been more important.

I have been lucky enough to work from home for about 15 years now but lockdown was still a shock to the system for me too. I have been asked by a lot of my colleagues, who working from home was all very new to, for my advice and top tips on being productive.

So here are a few of my top tips for working from home:-

  1. Dress up, show up – Even though you are working from home, don’t be tempted to roll up to your desk in your pyjamas. Being office attire ready (smart casual is acceptable) will give you a more professional mindset.
  2. Take breaks – In an office you would probably have regular distractions such as popping for a cup of tea and cake in the kitchen with your colleagues or taking time away from your screen in a break out area. Don’t be tempted to solidly sit in front of your screen without taking breaks. 5-15 minutes every few hours will rest your eyes and refocus your mind.
  3. Keep in touch – The social aspect of working alongside our colleagues in an office helps our mental health as we build connections with others. Having to stay at home we lose that physical interaction so try to stay in touch with your teams by using video calls. Even if it is just to catch up or to take a few minutes to throw an idea around. Do it!
  4. Motivating environments – If you can, set your work space up in an area you can dedicate to work. Not only is that a space you can walk away from at the end of the day to have some downtime but it also means you can decorate your surroundings with features to motivate you. This might be mood boards, motivational quotes or as simple as nice desk accessories.

I recently redecorated Details By Emma HQ to surround myself with a colour palette that I love (blush pink and rose gold of course!). I probably spend 80% of my week in my office so I needed to make my office a place I love to be in.

My office also doubles up as our guest room so I have also made it more inviting for guests with gorgeous bedding, dressing gowns and slippers, hot chocolate and pretty mugs so that when guests stay they can have a space to take themselves away and relax in.

I absolutely adore the custom light fitting from for my desk area. You can choose all your components separately to create your own. You can be as creative as you like! I chose the Bona Dream XXL bulb and added a plug in pendant kit and copper fitting and suspended the light from their transparent wall mount. It looks fantastic! You can get 15% off a purchase from Creative Cables using discount code LIGHTTHEDARKNESS Make sure you tag me in your purchases over on instagram!

Some of my favourite products from my office makeover are shoppable from the grid below (some products contain affiliate links):

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