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Happy Easter

Usually at this time of year we are away on a mini break taking advantage of a 4 day weekend. We have had some wonderful Easter Family visits in Cornwall and Sandringham. This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic all the days are blurring into one so it didn’t feel like the build up to Easter and suddenly it was upon us.

I had teased Bailey in the week that the Easter Bunny was self isolating so may not visit this year. However, the look on his face reminded me how special the magical events of Easter and Christmas are (not forgetting the backgrounds to both festivals aswell).

So at 8pm last night I decided to faff up our dining table with Easter decorations. Luckily the pink table runner and glasses had been previously purchased for our Christmas table.

I had seen many tutorials across Instagram on how to turn your napkins into Easter Bunnies so I twisted ours and added some pink bows and I think they look wonderful.

However, after realising I didn’t actually have anything in for Easter breakfast at 10pm last night I thought I’d have a go at making hot cross buns. I rummaged around in the baking cupboard and realising I had a lack of dried fruit I resorted to making Easter biscuits instead.

This was my first ever time making biscuits and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Although, my icing skills leave a lot to be desired! they taste delicious.

The Easter bunny visited overnight and left a trail of eggs for the children to find. So Darren and I are having a leisurely morning in bed with Hot Chocolates and Easter biscuits of course.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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